Yizheng Stationery is a market leader in children's eraser in China. This video, though grounded in this category, is not to be mistaken for an advert targeting kids. This was meant to be part of a B2B communications brand building framework. 

一正文具是中国儿童橡皮品类的市场领导者,这支视频虽然是在说孩子和橡皮的故事,但它不是要给小孩子讲故事。它是一个整体 B2B 品牌策划框架的一部份。
Project Background / 项目背景

As manufacturers in China transit from OEM, ODM to being brand owners, the founders need to embark on the often unfamiliar process of brand building. This process of building their brands from scratch is an onerous task, and with so much to do, knowing where to start, and subsequent project phasing is key. Here we decided to embark on B2B communications first, before tackling B2C touchpoints. It is more direct, and cost effective, without taking too much time tackling market segmentation and product line architecture issues. Especially important for small medium enterprises (SMEs), is for the brand consultants to deliver in as quick a time frame as possible a solid response and ROI for the inception phase. Only then will the SME be confident enough to embark on the next phase in the long process of brand building.  

如今中国的制造业都在转型中,从代工、代设计、到经营自己的品牌。创始人到了这个阶段,知道这是唯一能够提高附加值的办法,但往往是茫然的。从零开始打造一个品牌,不只是做什么的问题,精力和经费都是有限的,先做什么是更重要的问题。在个项目我们从 B2B 的品牌沟通做起。相对于B2C, 这是简单的,关于要传达的信息,选择的沟通媒介,需要的推广费用。更重要的是,针对于民营企业,品牌策划方需要最快的速度让甲方看到成效,才能更有信心得在漫长的品牌建立的旅程上,信心满满得再跨出一步。
Our Approach / 我们的出发点

We left the logo largely untouched, but our aim is to bring the brand to life, make it relevant to both their partners and consumers eventually. Corporate brand videos targeted at business partners traditionally focus more on their manufacturing prowess and production capabilities. This type of execution puts viewers to sleep, and is ineffective in communicating brand prowess. When everyone does the same thing it no longer convincing. We decided to use an eraser's journey, to develop a double parallel narrative. One that is the eraser's and also that of the child's. A story of mutual growth and companionship. And unobstrusively, we tell of the R&D and production process, til it reaches the hands of the end user and the emotional connection that is made.

这次的品牌重塑中,并没有调整现有的logo。 秉持着够用就好,精力放在刀刃上的理念,我们努力赋予它生命,故事,情感,温度。一般类似的企业宣传视频都会着重阐述产能,品质管控,研发能力等。但这种自吹自擂的内容很无聊,也没什么说服力。所以我们决定从一个橡皮擦的旅程,讲述两个平行的故事线,一个是橡皮擦本身,一个是小孩的陪伴,小小的成长和突破。巧妙带到工厂生产力的部分,再顺着牵到和最终用户的情感联系。
Our Concept / 我们的概念

From our childhood, we all have good and bad memories. But as we grow older, the bad ones tend to fade, leaving the good ones. This is the empowering message that we wish to leave with parents. Everything has two sides to it. If we manage to overcome the short term difficulty, the reward is often life long. Once we overcome the unfamilarity of making friends, the friendship could last a lifetime. From this concept, we developed five posters, one of which this video is an elaboration of.    

每个人儿时记忆的里,都些有好的和不好的回忆。但很奇妙,我们都会慢慢把不好的擦掉,留下美好的回忆。我们希望父母能将这些正面的经历告诉孩子,让孩子们可以不用担心,勇敢的面对。事情都有两面,克服了眼前的困难,往往获得都是一辈子的。克服了陌生,才可能获得陪伴自己后半生的友情。所以就有了 “擦得掉/擦不去” 这个概念。就好像一正的橡皮擦,它已不只是一种功能的满足,更多是一种情感的共鸣。我们为此创造了不同的 “擦不掉/擦得去” 的海报,视频也围绕这个主题进行展开。
Animation Artwork / 视频美术

In terms of tone and manner, we don't want something too polished that distracts. Instead, single line drawings were intended to draw the viewer into the minds of children, their fascination, their trepidation, their rich inner landscapes.  And throughout all this, the eraser is more than an eraser, it is a companion on this amazing journey.

Protagonist / 主角
Hero/ 明星
Co-stars / 配角
Reality vs Fantasy / 现实与幻想
Storyboard / 分镜脚本
And the characters are based on / 角色蓝本
Family Shot / 家庭照
There's more! / 还有呢!

This video is part of a bigger rebranding project. Erasing (discomfort) with (courage), is key concept that threads through our over arching creative and design executions.
For more, pls see our other project Yizheng Brand Experience Centre. (to be published soon)

这个视频是这次品牌重塑的一部份。以 ”擦得掉/擦不去“ 为核心概念,贯穿这次的所有创意和设计。
Our Team/合作团队

This was a project that involved many amazing people in different places working together. Say hi everyone!


Client: Yizheng Stationery, www.yzstationery.com
Overall Concept, Interior, Graphic Design: United Design Practice (Beijing), www.uniteddesignpractice.com
Animation & Illustration: Seenvision (Beijing), www.seenvision.net
Music Composition: Tze Toh (Singapore), www.tzetoh.org
Construction & Engineering: NFH (Shanghai), www.newfuhe.com
Lighting Design: Light Collab (Singapore), www.lightcollab.com
Photography: Shawn Koh (Beijing), www.fengstudios.com
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