This project is for a non-profit organization. They screen 3D movies to children in remote rural regions in China.
The Chinese goverment has done much for the people in the rural regions, addressing the urban rural income and opportunity gap. Their basic needs in terms of healthcare, education and nutrition is largely taken care of. What is lacking instead is 'food' for the soul. The upper portions of the hierachy of needs according to Abraham Maslow's pyramid. The need for self-actualisation, esteem and love. This group of volunteers want to address this in part through 3D movies; the sense of wonder, engagement, and joy that this medium brings, especially to children. They have been doing this for 2 years now, and they find that this experience do leave a significant positive impression and influence on the young. 
The name Xin Xing Dong, literally translates to New Action, or A New Movement. First and foremost we want to deliver a visual punch both through the use of the 3D character, as well as the choice of colors. This alludes to the visual impact that the medium of choice (ie 3D movies) bring to the target audience.  



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