Windows Azure Launch Event 2014/Window Azure 2014新产品发布会
The launch of Windows Azure is a big strategic entry from a non-chinese cloud solution provider, a platform upon which most of Microsoft's future product offerings will be based upon. On a messaging level, we chose to emphasize the immediacy and relevance of this product, with NOW as a key theme.
在解析了 Windows Azure 的产品在中国正式登陆的推广重点,将“NOW”作为此次活动的切入点和核心思想。并将其演绎在该活动的各个接触点上。
The invitation features a peel-off self-inflating cloud, that is a metaphor for Windows Azure.
邀请函撕开后,印有 Windows Azure Now 的纸质气泡会瞬间充气涨开。
When guests sign in, their signatures are projected into the cloud above them.
An interactive screen lines the entrance passgeway, with key messaging tracking the guests and they pass by and disperse into clouds of other related phrases and words as they interact with their body gestures. 
The three structures signify the 3 clouds of Azure, personal, public and hybrid clouds. They are projection surfaces that integrate with the video content of the LED screens behind.
The key spokesperson from Microsoft gives the welcome speech. Then introduces the audience to his 5 friends, hologram personae of himself working in across the industries that the product will have profound impact. 
领导将介绍他的 5 位全息投影的分身。他们代表不同领域,寓意产品几大特点。
Motorized helium-filled cloud balloons fly over the audiences heads to congregate on stage, marking the climax launch moment. The balloons descend on the audience, marking the arrival of the Microsoft cloud era in China.
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