UDP inside! / UDP办公室内在美!
This is where we call home.
It is smack in the middle of Beijing's CBD, at Jianwai Soho.
This space is big enough for us but can barely contain all our dreams and ambition.  This open office is like a blank canvas, constantly changing as we grow and evolve, a colorful incubator of our ideas and works.
这个不大的空间承载了太多的梦想,它们使它不断变形,成长。如同白纸般的空间,变成简单干练的开放式 office,又变成了多彩自由的“幼儿园”。
The entrance/waiting area/meeting space is where we unleash our festive decoration.
In the middle of the common area is our books and resource library, configured like the number 7. It is slowly becoming a repository of our personal artifacts.
The bar area is at once a dining table, a hangout spot, a meeting area and a work desk. It is prime land and highly coveted.
Behind the bar area are movable glass panels, displaying our works, and custom-made so that when they are pulled apart they conceal perfectly the the kitchen and fridge behind them.
The meeting room is a place of many intense activities and emotions. Excitement and laughter when brainstorming for that brilliant idea, vocal exchanges when resolving different points of view, also sometimes a refuge for quiet contemplation. It is a classroom to our kindergarten, a stage to our soap opera.
Voilà. That's it. 要来玩么?놀러 오세요!
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