REALMS OF THE LIMINAL 域见间,是舞蹈家司徒嘉怡创立的舞蹈艺术工作室。工作室旨在推动身心合一的表演艺术创作、教育与制作。

REALMS OF THE LIMINAL, founded by dancer Jess Chiayi Seetoo, is a dance art studio that aims to promote the creation, education, and production of holistic performing arts.
"The studio's creative foundation lies in the exploration of the human, body, and dance. Engaging in interdisciplinary experiments and creations that traverse realms such as theater, environment, imagery, and multimedia interactions, we seek to connect talents and ideas from diverse fields, break through existing constraints, and shape extraordinary experiences. Through creation, we gather cutting-edge professionals, collaborate, and explore methods to produce original works. The spectrum of our works covers a range from humanistic care to a focus on the innovation of form and media characteristics."


将这一心理学和人文社会科学的论题引入形体艺术领域,环境、多媒体、视听觉等媒介的交织演绎,激发观众的多重知觉,突破现场的时空的 [域] 进入舞者搭建的艺术力场 [域]。借助物理知觉启发更多思考活动。

见—— xiàn,使显现。
Brand Concept

"Liminality" refers to the threshold between consciousness and unconsciousness, caused by differences in stimulus and response series. In the natural and social environment, various physical and chemical stimuli affect human senses, causing corresponding sensory changes. Each stimulus, arranged by the magnitude of energy, can form a stimulus series, ranging from zero to infinity.

Introducing this psychological and humanistic social science topic into the field of performance art, the interweaving interpretation of environment, multimedia, audio-visual media, etc., stimulates the audience's multiple perceptions, breaking through the spatiotemporal [realm] of the scene to enter the artistic force field [realm] constructed by the dancer. Using physical perception to inspire more thinking activities.​​​​​​​
我们用竖线贯穿核心词 [ LIMINAL ] ,并隐去一半,但保留的另一半仍能被识别。这个动作正是受 [ 阈限 ] 一词启发。
We use a vertical line to pierce through the core word [LIMINAL], concealing half of it, but the retained half can still be recognized. This action is inspired by the term [Liminal].
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