Neo Cycling Club 是一家位于上海的自行车运动俱乐部 (上海市杨浦区政和路939弄5号),服务包括各种稀罕自行车销售(最贵的有20万) ,维修保养,户外活动,功率训练,车架漆面修复等。除了更衣室可洗澡,还另外设置了用户休息和等候区 Neo Cafe。千万别把他们误会成另外一家 ”动感教室“ ,和其他单车教室不同的是,专业选手能带上自己的自行车,后轮卸掉把车架在专门设备上,前面有屏幕风扇,就像游戏一样模拟赛事,斜坡,阻力,速度等等。

通常 logo 都只有一种锁定关系,我们利用了这次千载难逢的机会,来玩一个不只有一个锁定关系的 logo. 把 Neo 里面的 O 做成轴心,cycling club 做成轮辐,让后者有不同45度的出现方式。这个 logo 难点有两处。1)  因为字数关系,这 logo 是不对称的。得在视觉上把它平衡起来,通过间距,字体粗细大小写。2) 要让这种不寻常的做法成立——让他出现在各个不同的品牌延展,又显合理合适好看。这里真下了不小功夫!

Logo 第一眼是凸显专业性,格调。展开的延展体现品牌属性里的动感,活力,运动气息。

Neo Cycling Club is a located at Yang Pu District, on the north eastern corner of Shanghai (Zhenghe Rd Lane 939 Unit 05). They specializes in selling Pro level bikes (costing a cool 20k RMB), bike repairs, paintwork, outdoor biking events, and cycling classes. Cyclist can bring their own bikes, dismount the back wheel, mount it on their simulation machine, proprietary cycling software simulates cycling competitions, with slopes, impedence, and even a fan in front for speed and whisking off perspiration.

We used this unique opportunity to play with a logo that spins, much like a wheel. Typically logo are locked into a fixed orientation. We made the O in Neo into a hub, from which 'cycling club' spins into different 45 degree incremental postions. The difficulty with such a design is two-fold. 1) As a whole the logo is asymetrical, we had to balance it visually with line-weights, and spacing. 2) To bring this idea to life we had to make the different orientations work across different extensions, this took quite a bit of skill and effort!

The end result is a logo that looked classy at first glance, but playful, dynamic, and suitably sporty across the entire consumer journey.

白天晚上转换突出 Logo 出现的灵活锁定方式。
Day/Night transitions demonstrates different logo lock up orientation.
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