Microsoft Office 365 Launch 2014/微软 Office 365新产品发布会
What will the future with Office 365 be like? It enables us to Work from Anywhere, from the office to our homes to the cafe. The welcome video illustrates this exciting vision for all to see.
拥有 Office 365 的生活将是怎样的呢?办公室,家中,咖啡厅,随时随地,人们将随心所欲的自由办公自在生活。观众进场看到视频演绎着 Office 365 的精彩生活。
The launch video starts off with a view of our galaxy, and a blinking orange dot.
We zoom into a night-lit view of Earth from space.
The zoom in continues to frame China, and finally Shanghai.
A flash of orange brilliance, and a techno-warrior lands on the stage.
He starts to battle with enemy combatants, who are trying to disrupt the security of our networks, demonstrating the security and resilience of the Office 365.
勇士与周围试图攻击的入侵者打斗,潇洒自如的打败入侵者!展现出了 Office 365 的卓越安全性能!
The techno-warrior effortlessly flies from data center to data center, sending data packets where they are needed.
面对巨大的工作数据请求,勇士四两拨千斤 ,轻松应对,送至云端。
The sequence concludes with orange silhouettes of our users inhabiting every corner of the mesmerizing urbanscape.
任务完成,勇士化身为职场人,出现在屏幕中,演绎着拥有 Office 365 时代自由办公、快乐生活。
Orange beams of light in the shape of the Office 365 logo forms an arch, through which our key speaker walks, to formally introduce the product.
随后,Office 365 Logo演绎的橙色光柱门出现!
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