Employees of advertising and design companies are often blessed with attractive office environment. Not necessarily expensive, the interior design tends towards encouraging creativity and dynamism. Not so lucky their counterparts working in marketing departments on the client side. They will have to live with the default cubicled arrangement.
Thus the marketing department of Mercedes Benz China decides to take matters into their own hands. The intention was to make the environment an inspiring one to work in. The existing setup cannot be changed, the walls are our only canvas.
Quotes that are witty and thought provoking provide the textual cues. Visually, images that reference pop culture and fantastical modes of transport are chosen. 
我们选用了有趣,却引人深思的文案,配上代表了文化符号和具有想像力的图片,再加上Pop Art 的用色和视觉风格来处理墙面,由此来创造出轻松活跃的办公氛围。
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