NATURAL BÉBÉ is a new line of baby care products recently launched by Mammy, a leading Vietnamese brand and top seller on TikTok specializing in mom and baby products.

Designed with Mammy,

the new product line were unveiled in January 2024.
Mammy was previously known for their baby foods. Monica the founder and CEO of Mammy, a mother passionate in understanding the needs of infant and young children, got a PhD in nutrition, subsequently wrote a book and became an influencer and inspiration for other mothers. Starting her own brand was a natural progression, and Mammy soon became a top seller on TikTok. These new health & beauty products help to expand their offering to their loyal customers.
We designed the logo for the product line Natural Bebe with handwritten font and simple flower shape to speak in the right tone of voice for the natural ingredients used. We then created assets for use on the packaging, to clearly communicate the various propositions be used in the packaging, from claims to benefits and emotive taglines.

The design process was a rigorous one involving multiple iterations, demonstrative of our belief in co-creation with the client, especially in foreign markets. We tested with their distributors, target audience and VIP customers, to understand more about local tastes and preferences, in our search in finding the right balance between clarity of information, evocative graphics and/or spaces.
We created a label with a smiley baby face, leaves and medical symbols to highlight the core attributes of “baby, natural, care,” accompanied by text describing the applicable age stages and product features. Additionally, we present the “vision” in the form of a label, with five-petal flowers echoing the logo, highlighting the keywords “natural & green”, surrounded by vines and leaves.
In this scheme, we created a character based on the five-petal flower in the logo, with hand-drawn features.
Perhaps like different renditions of a song, there isn’t a ‘best’ version. Packaging design is a response to current aesthetic trends, visual cues, informational iconography, and as part of a bigger brand proposition.

In this case we veered towards the side of simplicity, white background with pictorial and textual information laid out in a carefully tiered and choreographed fashion.

Natural Bébé by Mammy
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