We have been asked to design a specialist clinic to compliment the needs of patients from the previous health screening centers which we have completed. Located on the same level as the health screening clinic, this clinic will host more exclusive services including video-conference doctor consultations. 

The tone and manner of the space is expressed using a more neutral, sublter palette so as to create a relaxing space that is comfortable and meditative. The use of stone as a consistent element through the space is enriched by the diagonal cuts and the differential surface treatments.


- 布局和功能 -
- circulation scheme- 
The entire space is divided into 2 areas: Examination rooms & Waiting Area. A passage that connects the spaces together define the central spine of the design. The waiting area is designed to be a lounge for patients and families at a more intimate scale, creating a more comforting environment before consultation.


Reception / 接待区
Waiting Area / 等待区
Wall Detail / 墙面细节
Door Detail / 门节点
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