Dessert Story / 芒果香山

The dessert market is a female driven one. We want to connect the brand to the 18 year old girl inside every female dessert lover. This is a place where they not only satisfy their love for dessert, but also remind them of the tenderness of first love. 
The Chinese name 芒果香山 was inspired by the romanantic comedy 非诚勿扰, after the two characters 芒果 Mango and 香山 Maple Leaf.  The mascots, and the logo is thus abstracted. This project also marked the onset of micro-blogging in China, followed by a whole slew of other micro expressions, like viral videos, short interviews twitter style, flash novels. Hence the central idea of the shop evoking moments of warmth and joy in the midst of the busy urban life. 
Graphics celebrating bashful young romantic love are the primary emotional drivers. 

"你说我们下辈子还会成为恋人吗?" Will we still be lovers in our next life?
"上辈子你就这么问过我了" You asked me that in the previous life.

We also invite young lovers in our shop to write their own copy, and submit them to the staff for a discount on their next visit.
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