Chengdu Xilian Hospital / 成都西联妇产医院建筑设计
01) Woman's Hospital in China are synonymous with stress and anxiety. Besides being subjected to an invasion of privacy, it is here that the stress of continuing the family line becomes most real.

02) This should be a space where they prepare themselves to be gifted with a new life, both physically and mentally, this is a most sacred and simple blessing.

03) Unfortunately healthcare design in China is often disappointing, the system overloaded, under catered for and the experience wanting.

04) It is our intention not just merely to overhaul healthcare design from a public perspective, but to reinterpret the typology of hospitals from a service design perspective.




We devised a spatial strategy where different units are placed together, separated, or linked, according to their respective need states, both emotionally as well as functionally. Emotional need states are advised by access to daylight and greenery. Fuctional need states influence spatial grouping, access, circulation.
The design solution is a triple core strategy, resulting in a facade and exterior resembling a mountainscape, like the embrace of the Mother Nature nurturing her child.
A sky garden is placed on the 4th floor, with all Inpatients Wards stacked above a terraced landscape, a constant reminder of Nature, exemplifying the healing properties green access has in healthcare.
Below the sky garden, an internal atrium service the medical core, serves as a main form of ground access, and a sunken courtyard is where F&B and retail rings around.


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