Asymmetrics Research | 非常研究所 ,是一家聚焦中国和亚太地区市场的终端用户、渠道和价值链提供定制化市场研究服务的公司,目前在北京和新加坡两地办公。在市场、地域、人群、文化之间有诸多信息阻隔的现况,团队有超过 40 年与世界 500 强公司、投资者、协会的合作经验,提供深入可靠的市场研究洞察。

Asymmetrics Research | 非常研究所 is a company that focuses on providing customized market research services for end-users, channels, and value chains in the Chinese and Asia-Pacific markets. Currently, it has offices in Beijing and Singapore. Given the information barriers between markets, regions, demographics, and cultures, the team, with over 40 years of experience collaborating with Fortune 500 companies, investors, and associations, delivers in-depth and reliable market research insights.
Asymmetric 原译为“不对称的; 不对等的”,很直观的,我们处理了字母A的结构,在整体对称的外轮廓里面增加变化,这也是市场洞察工作的精髓所在,在相对平衡的市场大环境中摸索突破口。中文名称为“非常”——“不同寻常的/超越常规的”,在字义上既涵盖了工作目标的意义,又能实现“整体对称的外轮廓里面存在变化”,所以我们选择了衬线体。我们小心翼翼地维持着这种对称与均衡的统一。

We addressed the structure of the letter A, introducing variations within the overall symmetrical outline. This captures the essence of market insights work—finding breakthroughs within a relatively balanced market environment. The Chinese name, "非常" translates to "extraordinary/unusual," encompassing the significance of the work's objectives. The choice of a serif typeface allows us to delicately maintain this unity of symmetry and balance within the logo.

Existing enterprise top management typically includes positions such as executives, operations, sales, finance, etc., but lacks a targeted role for market research. Asymmetric's Research Director holds the title of "Chief Insight Officer," a move that helps convey the message – [the research institute can help improve job functions within the enterprise].
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