We are honored to be presented with 7 awards at the recent 9th Annual Internation Design Awards festival. With 2 projects, we were awarded with wins across both Interior Design and Print categories.

En Vain Baijiu Bar & Restaurant
3 Silvers, 2 Honorable Mentions
En Vain was awarded silver awards in Interior Design: Renovation, Print: Poster, Print: Others, and honorable mentions in Interior Design: Commercial Pro, Print: Others. 

It is extremely rare for one project in an internaitonal design competition to be awarded multiple awards, much less across both graphic and spatial design categories. In our competition entry process, we find it rather difficult to position our work in the 'correct' category. Take our oil and calligraphic paintings for example, is it a poster? Environmental graphic? Or others? I'm sure you can understand why we are extremely happy to be recognised for our efforts in blurring the boundaries between previously defined design categories, by garnering awards in many of these categories.

As an aside, in the others category, En Vain was awarded a Silver as well as an Honorable Mention. I am personally bewildered as to what that means. 

白搭酒坊分别在,室内设计: 装修类,平面: 海报类,平面: 其他 获得银奖。室内设计: 商业空间专业组,平面设计: 其他类,获得荣誉奖。



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Rong Ding Xuan Rebranding
1 Silvers, 1 Honorable Mentions
The redwood furniture industry in China is an ultra conservative one, steeped in traditional chinese culture. The challenge with this project is the degree of control we need to exercise. First and foremost, to respect the culture, and associated cultural visual cues. Yet we wanted to give a staid product category a breath of fresh air, to reconnect with modern consumers. This balance is not an easy one to strike.

We were very surprised that this level of nuance is evident to an international audience, and very pleased to be recognised so.

Rong Ding Xuan Rebranding is awarded a silver in Print: Catolog, and honorable mention in Collateral Material: Professional categories.



荣鼎轩品牌升级 在平面设计:产品手册获得银奖,在企业宣传:专业组获得荣誉奖。

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