By integrating the brand message of Henki + into an equation that speaks of different value propositions across multiple touchpoints, we created a novel way to speak to our consumers. 我们创造了“恒记+”这一品牌方程式,用来表达不同的价值主张,通过把品牌方程式植入品牌理念,让它出现在品牌的多个触碰点中,在品牌与目标人群间建立起新颖的沟通形式。

Henki Dessert / 恒记甜品
Henki Dessert has got over 80 shops through out China. They wanted to refresh their brand image by reimagining Hong Kong style dessert for Chinese consumers. Hence we introduced the concept of 恒记 +, (Henki +). We embedded the rebranding message at the brand level and used it to convey different aspects of the value proposition across all touchpoints, from product posters, recruitment posters, to namecards, takeout cups, gift packaging, and the retail environment.
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