We bring to Chinese consumers a Christmas that is more than gifting and material consumption. Not the Air I Breathe but Christmas reminds us of the breathing heartbeat of Mother Earth, and also the love for one another. The branding of the shopping mall make use of recycled materials, corrugated cardboard, and decorations that we then auction for the benefit of homeless children. 我们希望给中国的消费者带来一个不仅仅是充斥着礼物盒资源消耗的圣诞节。我呼吸的不是空气是圣诞,这句话提醒着我们地球母亲的呼吸和心跳,以及对彼此的爱。商场品牌利用回收材料、瓦楞纸板做成装饰,并进行拍卖,所得款项都捐给无家可归的儿童。

Not the Air I Breathe but Christmas / 我呼吸的不是空气是圣诞
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