With the surge in awareness in China towards food safety and organic foods, we seek to express this purity with a uber white environment, the ceiling is an abstracted forest canopy, tree sculptures adorn the vertical surfaces. Bold splashes of red punctuate the spaces, subtle reminders of chinese cultural influences in the menu. 随着消费者对食品安全和提倡有机食品的关注浪潮在中国席卷而来,我们力图通过乳白色的主色调展现洁净纯粹的空间环境。餐厅的天花被装饰成抽象的森林里密集树群的效果,墙面用树型雕塑进行装饰。被大胆用来点缀餐厅空间的红色,从点点滴滴微妙的设计中映射出中国文化的影响,这些也体现在菜单的设计中。

He design brief was simple, to capture the hearts of Chinese elite consumers: the young and fashionable. However, they are also most discerning and hard to please. We decided to dramatise the design by abstracting nature’s language like tree trunks and foliage into pure white forms, only to be punctuated by splashes of bold reds, accented with natural wood, and grounded by discreet blacks.
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