We challenged the notion of leaving tower cranes in-situ after construction, and using the trellis forms as a post-modern babylonian garden in the sky. This competition piece explores the dialectical space between completion and under construction, green and industrial, the city's permanence and flux, and most importantly the relationship between man and nature. 我们挑战使用在施工后留下塔式起重机的概念,并使用网格的形式体现出一个后现代巴比伦空中花园的景象。此次比赛的作品探讨的是在施工完成和施工期间的辩证空间,绿化与工业的关系,以及这座城市的持久性和通量,但其中最重要的部分是人类和自然间的关系。

Manhattan Project / 曼哈顿建筑设计竞赛
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