A branding project for Greenpeace China, addressing the communication needs of the Climate and Energy department.



首先我们和客户一起把不同的沟通需求分化了。我们发现可以按照受众群体分类,分成三组:1)政府和行业领袖,2)投资方,3)普通大众。除了给每个类别一个主要色系,我们也设计了三组主题画面,针对于主要沟通的内容,用扁平化视觉处理交代主题,变成了可马上用的品牌资产,后续也可替换更新。能源革命的 logo 放大了也用来作为一个把画面裁切置入的 Key Visual 组成元素。后续能源革命加了东部的前缀,呼应当下信息传播上的需求。

Greenpeace does a lot of good work in China. Championing many causes in line with government reforms, in environmental protection, promotion of sustainable energy, anti-pollution measures in particular.

For this project we worked with the Climate and Energy division. The issue was that there wasn't an overarching visual identity, and as each design partner has free rein to explore the needs of the particular project, when viewed as a whole, their visual communications lack consistency and clarity. But their needs are as complex as the issues are, with interweaving messaging and audiences. The greatest challenge is thus the need for a strong identity on the macro level, yet flexibility to adapt to different tone & manner and messaging on the micro level, that is the only sustainable solution from a brand communications point of view.

First of all we worked with them to organize their communication needs. We found that this can be broken up into 3 categories, according to their target audiences, namely 1) government & industry experts, 2) investors, and 3) the general public. Besides assigning a key color palette for each, we also designed a Key Visual (flat graphic style) that referenced the key issues addressed to each audience. A primary logo (能源革命 meaning Engergy Revolution) is designed that is also used as a cutout to embed different brand assets. Later on 东部 (referencing the Eastern parts of China) is added as a prefix to lend credence and alignment to messaging needs. 

We created a branding system that is clearly differentiated as a whole, with reusable brand assets that can be utilised in subsequent activational programs, and easily updated and replaced if need be. A system that is strong visually yet flexible and adpatable to future needs. 
concept design: (Anfia Lin) United Design Practice
Below photographs courtesy of Greenpeace China
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